How Associations Can Use Video To Encourage Members To Take Action

Associations exist to serve hundreds (and even thousands) of members and entire industries, but the relationship is a two-way street and organizations often ask their dues-paying audience to do certain tasks out of necessity. These can range from small tasks (like registering before attending a free webinar or seminar) to large ones (like joining a committee and completing necessary responsibilities).

Without the willing participation of members, many association initiatives would be flops. It’s a scenario where associations are asking members to “help me help you.” However, association professionals spend countless hours tearing their hair out at the inaction of members and struggling to find ways to encourage them to engage.

Creating and sending out video content on social media is one way to overcome this obstacle of inaction among members. Here are three ways associations can use video content marketing to drive action and engagement among members during an organizational initiative.

Put It Into Perspective

You know and we know that many of the tasks your association asks members to do takes no time at all, but for some reason, members sometimes don’t know. These are the times that leave you puzzled that members won’t take two minutes to complete something that could have huge benefits for them and the entire industry. Video can help your association put these tasks into perspective for members and encourage them to take action.

Let’s take the example of a letter writing campaign your association has created as part of its government advocacy strategy. The association has drafted a form letter for members and all they need to do is download it from your website, fill in the blanks, find the contact information for their local representative from a list you have provided and email it to them. It takes five minutes, tops, and can have a huge impact, but there’s a lack of participation.

Create a video that puts this work into perspective, such as a short video that briefly outlines the steps needed to complete the letter writing initiative and then highlighting other everyday tasks that would take longer to do, such as waiting in line to buy a coffee or heating up last night’s leftovers for lunch. It’s a fun approach and makes the task seem much more manageable and important for members.

Create A How-to

What might seem like a straight-forward or simple task that you are asking of your members might actually seem overwhelming to them. This disconnect between your expectations and actual member engagement can lead to frustration and, even worse, a failed project, initiative or event. Creating a how-to video is a great way to not only guide your members through the process, thus making it more likely they will participate, but makes these instructions visual and easy to follow along with.

For this example, let’s look at the scenario of asking your members to submit information or ideas. This often happens when an association is asking for feedback from an event, doing a benchmarking report of some sort or seeking content for its publications or marketing material. Members may have some very valuable feedback or ideas for your organization, but don’t know the first place to start when trying to convey these ideas to the association.

Let’s say, for instance, you are asking members to send ideas and content for the association’s magazine via a website or other online application. Create a video that outlines and shows the step by step process for submitting ideas, pictures, articles and any other piece of content in an efficient way. Cover some troubleshooting issues to help less tech-savvy members embrace this resource. You will not only get a better response rate and better content, but you will have one more way to notify members that this initiative is happening!

Show The Impact Or Value Of Their Actions

Many members won’t take the time to participate in any association events or initiatives because they believe that the impact or return on investment is non-existent or isn’t worth the time. Video is the best way to show the impact of their actions in a visceral and relatable way that combats this apathetic attitude and makes members feel as if they are part of something big and meaningful.

For example, your association may be looking to recruit members to volunteer for a committee, task force or focus group, but the response has been less than you hoped. Volunteering in these types of roles can be time consuming and often thankless, leading members to view them as not worthy of their effort and something they’ll let others do instead.

To drum up some awareness and interest in these volunteer positions, create a video that focuses on one decision that was made or action that was taken at a committee meeting that resulted in a change that benefited members. Once you have settled on what this action was, trace its story from its origins with the committee to its long-term impact with members. Interview committee members and members who have been impacted by the decision and show the consequences of the decision in action. Members who see that their work will influence the people around them and the industry they are passionate about will be more likely to see the value of participation and take action.

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