Why Managing Social Media For An Association Is The Best, As Told By The Office

The life of a social media manager is fun enough, but when you combine it with the make-a-difference mindset of the association industry, it’s quite the amazing ride. If you’re not familiar with the feeling, we put together a comprehensive guide to the smile-inducing moments of the job as told by the wacky, quirky, fun-loving people from the hit TV show The Office.

When you log onto the social media account and find some unsolicited praise from a member…

Office Blog 2(a)

It’s always a huge boost to both the association and team morale when a member says something nice about the organization without a prompt or for any reason at all. It’s also a great way to know what services and products members find valuable, which is data that is often intangible and hard to collect.

When a piece of content, trending topic or holiday fits perfectly with the association’s message and mission…

Office Blog 3

Nothing beats finding out that it’s National Donut Day when you’re running the Twitter feed for a National bakers association or when you come across a profile of a member in the local paper. It’s like that moment when the sun breaks through on a cloudy day and everything is good and easy.

When you get to turn press releases and hum-drum announcements into something creative and engaging…

Office Blog 6

Yes, association business is a serious gig, but the world of social media necessitates that you relax a little sometimes and think outside of the box. It’s always fun to turn an announcement about the location of a conference or the new Board of Directors into a something fun for members.

When you get to dip your toes into all areas of the association’s operation…

Office Blog 8

Social media managers have to wear many hats (or wigs!) and get to experience all facets of the association in order to communicate the right message to membership. Everything from event planning to member recruitment is within a social media manager’s scope.

When you answer a member’s question on social media or post something that helps a member do their job better…

Office Blog 9

It’s a great feeling when your association’s Twitter account or Facebook page becomes the go-to resource for information about the organization, membership or industry best practices. It’s always awesome to provide value and have that value shared with others.

When you get to see the immediate impact of an announcement or piece of information from members…

Office Blog 1

Social media management is an almost 24/7 job. There are no office hours or a limit on when people can engage with your account. So, whether day or night, seeing how members react to various communiques from the association can be rewarding, interesting and exhilarating!

When you realize just how much fun it is to make a difference in someone’s life…

Office Blog 5

The life of an association social media manager isn’t without it down days when you receive online criticism or a lack of engagement, but it’s all worth it for the moments when members’ lives are made a little easier, a little better or a little more fun by your posts.

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