How to Get Your Staff, Board Members and Volunteers to Participate on Social Media

When a sports team fails, whether it’s on the ice, the diamond or the court, the discussion from sports fans often leads to a single question; did the athletes just not buy into the coach’s game plan?

The same conversation can be had when an organization’s social media strategy fails. Generating online awareness is a team effort and it’s crucial for a non-profit’s staff, board of directors and volunteers to get behind your organization’s social media goals.

Getting your association/non-profit’s key contributors to participate in the social media plan is difficult at times, which is why we’ve prepared a few handy tips to help make the road a little smoother.

Make It Make Sense

You can’t play a sport if you don’t know the point of the game. This is true for social media as well.

Staff, board members and volunteers might be wary of using social media because they don’t understand why it’s important. It’s important to explain to them how online awareness can help your association’s membership.

Take any document that outlines your organization’s goals, such as a mission statement or strategic plan, and illustrate how social media can help the organization achieve it. Be specific and use numbers when relevant. Describe how social media can make each individual’s job easier and more productive. For example, talk about how the event manager can plan a better conference using social media. Use social media to help you get your point across. Videos, infographics and tweets can be great visual aids to help you make your case.

Give Them The Tools

Your team can’t be victorious without having the right equipment to play. Babe Ruth never hit a home run without a baseball bat. It’s essential to give your staff/volunteers/board the right social media tools to do the job.

Those in your workplace community may have limited knowledge of managing a social media account (personal or otherwise) or none at all. Offer to do a short social media workshop for staff and ensure that you are available to answer any questions they might have about social media. Have a written social media guideline and code of conduct for staff and make sure it is understood and updated regularly. Providing how-to videos is also a great idea, especially if you are helping board members or volunteers that may be in other cities, states or provinces.

After you have helped staff with understanding how to use social media, give them the tools to promote the organization’s efforts. Highlight the ways in which individual staff members can raise awareness of your association’s social media platforms both online and offline. For example, business cards, directories and email signatures are just a few of the ways staff, board members and volunteers can get the word out about their social media accounts and those of the organization.

Make It Fun

When teaching someone a sport, the first rule on most coach’s list is have fun. Encouraging your staff/board/volunteers to have fun with social media instead of seeing it as a chore or another item on an already too full to-do list is crucial to increasing staff participation.

Inter-office contests can be a good way to get everyone involved and give your organization’s social media a boost at the same time. For example, see who can provide you with the most relevant content for the organization’s social media platforms in one week or one month and offer a prize.

You can also introduce staff/board members/volunteers to a platform that best suits their interests and skills. If someone is into photography, suggest Pinterest. If another staff member has a special knack for writing is passionate about a specific issue, propose to have them write a guest post on the organization’s blog.

Three Key Takeaways

– Encouraging your organization’s staff, board members and/or volunteers to participate on social media will strengthen your online strategy and put you one step closer to success.

– To get these groups involved, explain why social media is important to the organization’s goals and how to use the various platforms effectively.

– It is extremely important to keep social media fun for staff, board members and volunteers. This will make social media more of a hobby and less of a work requirement.

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