Creating an Online Newspaper for your Non-Profit: Who’s Going to Read it and Why They’ll Love It

There’s enough news about your non-profit’s industry or cause to fill an entire newspaper. So why don’t you give it one? is a platform that allows organizations to curate and present a customized online “newspaper.” The site gives you the chance to bring together all sorts of content on chosen subjects, industries and causes in one place. The process involves adding keywords, influential Twitter users and relevant hashtags in order to capture content being tweeted out. If it’s done well, the resulting “newspaper”, created on a daily or weekly basis (depending on your preference) gives readers a snapshot of interesting and important news and insight for a particular industry or cause. The link can be tweeted out, posted to Facebook and added to a blog post or Pinterest board. The automated tweet feature also includes mentions of some key contributors.

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There are other areas of your paper that be customized in order to appeal to your audience and promote the content. For example, the name of the publication can be changed to be engaging and informative and a Twitter widget can be added. It is also possible to view stats on how many visitors your account had and how many have subscribed.

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The value of the platform isn’t contained to a few members or sections of your association or non-profit’s community. The benefit that a paper brings extends to every group that is vital to making your organization thrive. The following are a list of key elements to your non-profit and why they’ll be reading your online “newspaper,”:

The Sponsor

Sponsors are integral parts of any initiative your association or other non-profit wants to follow through with. They help provide needed resources to make events, services, publications, etc., a success. However, it’s no secret that sponsors want something out of the deal as well. They want your members to recognize them, understand their value and invest in them.

Having an online newspaper allows sponsors to see the trends in the industry and understand the issues and updates that your organization’s community talks the most about. Providing sponsors with this information in one easy-to-access place allows them to see that your members will value their services and helps them plan with your non-profit to sponsor smarter, making it a win-win for both parties.

The Member/Donor/Volunteer

These are the people that make your organization’s world go round. You give them valuable services and they provide your non-profit/association with member dues, financial resources and a purpose. One of the services that an organization can give to this group that is extremely valuable is information. Education and information makes your community members’ lives better by giving them access to strategies that advance their career or passion.

A newspaper is one of the best ways to bring together the information that is relevant to members on a platform that is accessible to all. Members, donors and volunteers are able to see what is being said and by who. There can be a blog about a new app that is helping those in your industry or an article from a magazine about new ways to support a cause. And this is just the tip of the educational iceberg on This is a very effective and efficient way for your community to learn, network and continue to grow in their careers or lives.

The Staff

It’s great for your staff to be tied into all the latest news and trends in the industry in order to promote your cause and generate new ideas to grow your organization. Unfortunately, this is not always a possibility, especially as content is pushed through social media platforms at an astonishing rate these days. However, can help a non-profit’s staff keep up-to-date with the industry/cause more easily.

A account can also help staff in a brainstorming new ways to better serve your association/non-profit community. The event staff can prepare more relevant education sessions at conferences or create engaging fundraising event by monitoring the issues people are talking about on your online newspaper. Member relations staff can develop new and better services and tweak older ones to be more relevant.

The Media

Members of the media are often your organization’s link between your industry/cause and the general public. Media may jump into a story without too much prior knowledge of the environment or people that your organization deals with or what it is trying to achieve. An online newspaper can help bridge this gap in knowledge for members of the media and can help direct to influential people in the industry who are well-spoken and well-respected.

An online newspaper also situates your organization as its own media outlet. Having this available to the general public helps to relay a message to people while cutting down on industry jargon and other barriers to access. It is a medium you control and can be changed to fit the changing time your organization may encounter. This ensures that your organization stays relevant in the long-term and established the association/non-profit as a go-to resource for information and expertise.


A account can be beneficial in many ways to many stakeholders. Take the time to set one up and maintain it and your organization will reap the benefits for a long time to come.

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