Pinterest for Non-profits: The Anatomy of a Great Pin

In an online world where more users mean more influence, Pinterest is climbing the ladder of social media bigwigs.

There is no doubt that business is booming on Pinterest and non-profits are not excluded. Having a strong Pinterest profile could be a key part of your organization’s social media strategy and overall path to success.

But what makes a perfect pin? What secret ingredients need to be tossed together to create an irresistible image that leads your community to information and investment in your association or other non-profit?

We have some thoughts on that:

1. Label Your Pins The Right Way

Pictures may be able to say 1000 words, but you’ll need a few more to make a successful pin. If no one can find your pins, than no one can see them, engage with them or benefit from them in any way. The same goes for pins that confuse your followers; if they don’t know what they’re looking at, they’ll skip right over it and take their chances elsewhere.

First thing’s first; create boards that are descriptive and easy to find, both on Pinterest and search engines. A board called “Our Awesome History” might seem fun and descriptive, but when a member is searching for you online or on Pinterest, this board will likely not show up. Stick to something simple and descriptive, even if it’s not terribly imaginative.

As for your pins, add a description that is clear, concise and relevant. Keep the description short without too much jargon. Using hashtags is also a good idea. It’s always a good practice to search various, relevant hashtags to determine which ones are used the most and will gain your pin more exposure in your target audience. Ensure the link from your pin to any website or other platform is working. There’s nothing worse than seeing a pin you want to follow up on and discovering it leads nowhere.

2. Use Your Best Images

This may seem like a no-brainer, but higher quality pictures catch the eye quicker and thus draw more engagement.

Invest the time and resources in taking, creating or curating really good images. This can turn into a great opportunity to engage your association members or non-profit community by crowd-sourcing images from an event, project or initiative.

Once you have these photos, do a little research (and your own trial and error) to see what sizing makes the image look great. These images are a representation of your organization, so make them a great one; your followers and community will appreciate this effort. They will probably also engage more with the content.

3. Make Sure Your Pins Tell a Story

Descriptions are a great way to tell your audience what they’re looking at on Pinterest, but as we mentioned further up in this post, they should work to enhance and organize your images, not serve as a crutch for a poorly put together or confusing photo. Your visuals should tell a story by themselves, especially because each and every one of your members has a history and wants to be part of your organization’s continuing tale.

For images to capture a moment that tells a story, they should be focused, vibrant and descriptive. Think of a key moment at an event, a scene that displays everything you want to say about your organization, its goals, its benefits and, most importantly, its people. The image should evoke an emotion and give people information at the same time.

Another great tool that can tell great stories on Pinterest is the infographic. The name itself, infographic, explains its purpose; to inform your audience on a subject while being visually appealing. No other description necessary!

4. Have a Call To Action in Your Pins

You use calls to action on your other platforms and communication material, so why not on Pinterest? When you create an image to pin, add a call to action in it.

By now you know that the images should inspire and educate your community on a certain cause, but they may be sitting there after the initial interest has worn off and asking, what do we do next? A call to action takes your storytelling a step further by explaining to your association members or non-profit community how they can add their own voices to that story.


Pinterest can be an exciting and beneficial platform for both your organization and its community. By combining the elements above into each and every pin and having some fun with it along the way, you can create great content that will engage, educate and inspire your members.

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