5 Reasons Why Non-profits Should Use Pinterest

If your non-profit or association hasn’t taken Pinterest seriously yet, it should now.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform at the moment, according to a Pew Research Survey. The photo pin-up site saw a spike is users, from 15 per cent of American adults in 2012 to 21 per cent in 2013. That’s more than Facebook, more than Twitter and more than LinkedIn.

But what can Pinterest offer non-profits? Well, if we told you all the benefits the platform can bring your organization, we’d be here for a while. That’s why we looked through the maze of photos, infographics and stunning images and picked out five of the best reasons non-profits will love Pinterest.

Images evoke emotion

Emotional responses lead to a deep connection and more engagement. People are more likely to contribute, share, interact and join a cause or organization if they feel an emotional attachment. Images create this emotional response because they are not as abstract or easy to ignore as print. They put a face to a name and an image to an explanation.

Pinterest’s whole structure is based on creating, curating and sharing photos. Non-profits are made up of a community of people and thus have an almost unending source of great photos. There are also events, field work, projects and initiatives that provide opportunities for photos and great content to link to.

Pinterest drives traffic to your website

Pinterest takes regular, old links and spruces them up. Instead of words on a page linking someone to a website or blog, Pinterest displays photos that link to an organization’s pages. This drives traffic to your organization’s pages more effectively than other social media sites.

Your non-profit’s website is your organization’s online HQ. Much of the giving or membership purchases come from your website. Any traffic will help raise awareness, money and membership and Pinterest brings you lots of this beneficial traffic.

Pinterest turns history from boring to beautiful

History is an important part of any organization, especially non-profits. History gives members and contributors a shared experience. History also lends credibility to a cause or an association. Showcasing your organization’s history highlights its triumphs, the important people that were dedicated the cause and how the organization’s goals have evolved and will continue to evolve.

The only asterisk beside ‘History’ as a tool to boost engagement and interest is that many find it dry and dull. Photos help liven up history and evoke nostalgia. They take dates, numbers and anonymous names and turn them into a picture of the passion your organization has for the cause or industry.

Pinterest can highlight trips to the field

People don’t just want to read about how your organization is making a difference, they want to see it. Pinterest allows your non-profit to show contributors and members that it walks the walk.

By pinning photos showing your organization’s activities in the field and their impact, contributors and members can see your non-profit is making a concrete difference and, by being part of the effort, they can have a hand in creating this positive change.

Pinterest gives stats with flare

Stats can be a non-profits best friend. They take all sorts of information that may be crucial to your cause, contributors and members and package it into easy to comprehend numbers. But, like history, stats can be boring, dense and come across as a wall of print and percentages. Pinterest has the power to take these stats and present them into an infographic to appeal to a broader audience. Infographics are graphs that take an audience on a visually-appealing journey of an issue using statistics. Pinterest and infographics go together like good wine and cheese and can be a great way to convert an on-the-fencer into a loyal member of your organization.

Pinterest is a fast-growing social media platform that offers lots of helpful, not to mention fun, ways of engaging current and potential members and contributors for your non-profit. Do you know any organizations doing a great job on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments. And keep it social!

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