Top of the Crop: Social Media Highlights for Non-Profits

These last five weeks have been a whirlwind of social media news and analysis, a diverse and very exciting whirlwind! We decided to compact our last five posts into our favourite five points. From a big birthday to an intriguing new mobile app, it’s a good time to be a non-profit on social media and this recap goes a long to proving that. Enjoy!

Don’t Print The Blog’s Gravestone Just Yet! 

Blogs aren’t dead, they’ve just crawled in a cocoon and emerged different in the last few years. Diversity, creativity, consistency and quality all go into making a great blog that will help the community and your members.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Twitter’s mobile app-in-testing, Nearby, could be a huge advantage for non-profits and associations. However, the app is just the beginning. It’s all about using the local to appeal to and serve members and the wider community. Utilizing local platforms or features on social media can connect your organization to its members’ problems and their solutions in a more efficient, engaging way.

The Slacktivist Handbook

Slacktivism doesn’t need to be a dirty word. Your organization can harness the power and momentum of slacktivism to create long-lasting, win-win relationships with the community or members. It does, however, take patience, consistency and persistence.

One Small Step…For Everyone

Making your social media efforts accessible to everyone is important to spreading your message and setting your organization apart from the crowd. One great tool to make this possible is Storify. Storify helps you create an engaging archive of conversations or postings on several social media platforms. This archive is available and easy to access to everyone from social media whizzes to internet newcomers.

Make A Wish

Facebook turned 10 a couple weeks ago and we marked its birthday by jotting down 10 ways the social media giant has benefited non-profits. Out of this set, the “Donate Now” button has been a revelation to many non-profits, large and small. The ease with which people can contribute to a cause has meant more opportunity for non-profits to engage those that are passionate about growing and strengthening an organization.

There’s plenty more to come as non-profits are one of the biggest benefactors, and innovators, in social media. Let us know what your favourite post was. And remember, keep it social!

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