Twitter’s Nearby App Can Help Non-Profits and Associations

Social media has made it easy to reach out to a global audience, but has also renewed the focus on the local.

Companies, organizations and individuals are starting to pay more attention to those in their own backyard. Twitter’s new mobile app, called Nearby, gives a boost to this community-focused strategy.

The feature, which has been in test mode for more than a month, allows users to see a collection of tweets from people close to your location.

While the blogosphere has been abuzz about Nearby’s potential for local businesses, we thought it would be an amazing tool for non-profits and associations to capitalize on.

Here are a few ways organizations could benefit if Nearby is rolled out in full.

Volunteer Searches 

There are probably as many non-profits looking for volunteers as there are people looking for an opportunity to help with events, fundraising and day-to-day work. It’s a match made in heaven, right? Not necessarily.

Finding the right people to help in the right locations can be tricky. Nearby would give organizations a chance to target a local audience with their tweets. This would be the easiest and best way to contact future volunteers while ensuring they are from the area.

Local Chapter Initiatives

Many associations have local chapters that may struggle to be heard over the roar of their national, state or provincial counterparts on social media. Nearby could go a long way to fixing this.

Local chapters are all about drawing local members. By targeting local Twitter users with tweets about local issues, these smaller chapters will be able to cut through the noise to reach their target audience. For example, when promoting an upcoming local chapter event, the posting would show up to a much more select and captive audience than you would be likely to get without Nearby.

Business Improvement Areas

Business Improvement Areas, or BIAs, are the definition of a local non-profit. BIAs, for the most part, advocate for businesses in a small area of a city or town. Nearby seems like a dream app for these organizations. Both their members and their members’ customers are most likely in the area. Knowing who is tweeting what in the area and connecting with these users opens up a whole new way to engage the community.

Promoting Local Sponsors/Members

Every association has members who are doing great things in their community and every non-profit has a sponsor or donor who is dedicated to improving their local area. The Nearby app would be a great way to showcase both these groups and increase awareness of your organization’s partners in a place where they will gain the most benefit and recognition.

By recognizing a sponsor, donor or member and what they are doing in a certain city, it will increase their exposure to an audience that will be most interested and captive. This will go a long way to creating long-lasting relationships between your organization, your sponsors/donors/members and the community they serve.

Although Twitter’s Nearby mobile app is still in its infancy, it’s potential to positively impact non-profits and associations is already sky-high. From fostering relationships to building new ones, Nearby is a great tool for going local and doing so with a bang.

Check it out on your mobile device and let us know what you think. Also feel free to comment below and tell us how your organization connects with the local community. Stay social everyone!

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