The Power of YouTube and Highlighting Your Non-Profit’s Staff

Passion is probably the first word that comes to mind when you think of reasons why someone would want to be part of a non-profit or association. But while this love for a cause or industry gets people interested, there are often other factors that make them turn this passion into action. One of these factors is how the community views the staff of an organization.

Highlighting your staff, and the work they do, raises your organization above the rest on many levels. Showcasing your staff can be done in many ways. Social media platforms are great tools for this and one of the best in the bunch is YouTube.

Here are a few suggestions for using YouTube videos to get the word out about your hard-working, enthusiastic staff.

1. Staff Interviews/Profiles

Your staff are there for a reason; let that reason shine through in a video.

The people who work every day to make your organization run and improve the lives of others do so because they are passionate about providing these services. Talk to your staff about why they enjoy working at your organization and the value they see in it. Then do it again on camera.

A video can capture the tone and look of your staff as they talk about why they are passionate about their jobs. The explanations are often different than your mission statement, but are equally as powerful. When someone watches this video, they can relate to how the staff member feels and make a personal connection with both the person on camera and your organization.

2. A Day in the Life 

People often only see the end product of all the hard work your organization does. All the hours of planning, phone calls, strategizing, etc., that goes into an event or a new policy or an initiative are often hidden.

One way to flip this problem around is to make video showing the day in the life of your office. Showing the work your staff does, and the character of those staff members, can turn a faceless entity into a living, breathing collection of people with the same goals. It can also increase the value people put onto the organization when they see how money, time or membership is shaped into something that benefits others.

3. Staff Greetings or Messages

Here’s another way a video can connect the community with your organization in a more personal way.

Staff greetings can take many forms and be done in many styles. During holiday seasons, a short, humorous video wishing members or the community well is a chance to show off your creativity and raise the spirits of all who watch.

Welcoming new members, volunteers or donors with a video adds a personal touch. This type of video also shows your staff care about welcoming new people into the fold and can, once again, show your creativity and shed awareness on your mission.


Videos are a great way to go beyond the buzzwords that inundate websites, blogs and other social media platforms and show the world why your organization does what it does. Building relationships with members, donors, volunteers or supporters starts when they make a personal connection with your organization. Getting to know your organization’s staff with a video can forge this bond. Videos can be a window into your organization and the people who help make it strong; give users a good view!

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