Wipe Out Donor/Member Fatigue With a Social Media Shot

It’s that time of year again when snow fall is still wondrous, Christmas songs are still fresh and we’re all told to get our flu shots.

Yes, flu season is upon us and with it comes sniffles, sneezing and fatigue. No one likes these symptoms and the hype around flu shots grows with every year.

This is also the time of year for when donor/member fatigue hits non-profits and associations hard.  Fundraising calls increase and conference attendee recruitment ramps up around this time as the holidays near and the calendar comes to an end.

The symptoms of donor/member fatigue are apathy, disillusionment and disengagement. When combined, they can create a powerful force that turns people away from your organization and can hurt your cause.

One preventative measure for helping contain donor/member fatigue is a Social Media Shot. A Social Media Shot will help stave off the effects of a donor/member fatigue just like a flu shot helps prevent the illness from spreading like wildfire.

The first step to receiving a Social Media Shot is getting an injection of great content and engaging posts to your social media platforms. The real key to the formula is original content. Original content can take many forms, such as blog posts analyzing news, a weekly top ten of helpful tips, a heartwarming story or a hilarious recap of a conference or seminar. Social media experts have been trained to create original content in their labs and bottle it to stop the advance of donor/member fatigue.

Following this first step, a second shot of great content is essential. This includes posting pictures that showcase volunteers, events and the impact of donations, sharing blog posts from members, highlighting recent news and asking engaging and relevant questions to your connections. You may begin to feel slightly light-headed and joyous at the prospect of creating such an engaged community. Studies have shown that this is normal and we recommend you get used to it, as the feelings will only increase.

Your Social Media Shot should begin to work soon after receiving it. After weeks of being exposed to hard sells at the grocery store, the office and even at home, people will be drawn your softer, genuine and more engaging approach to connecting with donors and members.

Very frequent check-ups are recommended for the health of your organization’s communications plan. If monitored correctly, your Social Media Shot will last the entire year. It will help you create a loyal following your organization can use to promote its cause, inform the online community and become stronger by having great conversations.

Side effects of the Social Media Shot include: a deeper connection with association members/non-profit donors/sponsors, increased participation in events, feedback on your organization’s activities leading to a system that provides improved services, great conversations, the discovery of great articles and inspiring stories and a sense of joy at being able to help people in more ways than one.

Incline Marketing offers Social Media Shots to any and all associations and non-profits. Give us an email at inclinemarketingservices@gmail.com and see how your organization can benefit from a Social Media Shot. Don’t wait; email us today, get a healthier social media presence and flourish!

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