The Big Thanks: Recognizing Sponsors and Donors on Social Media

There comes a time in every organization’s life where they go for the Big Ask; when an organization seeks out sponsors or donors for events or initiatives.

The importance of the Big Ask cannot be understated, because, well, most non-profits and associations just wouldn’t have the budget for all the things they do for consumers and members and so they need some help from outside sources.

But as much as enlisting the help of individuals or companies is crucial, recognizing these benefactors is just as significant. This showing of gratitude is what we like to call the Big Thanks and a Big Thanks needs a big stage, something social media provides.

On Twitter

Interacting with sponsors or donors on Twitter is one of the easiest ways to recognize their contribution. Mentioning them in a tweet not only lets sponsors and donors know you appreciate them and their giving, but it does it on a massive, public scale. You are letting the donors know that you appreciate their contribution enough to tell the world about them.

A mention in a tweet also includes sponsors and donors into your community by inviting them into the conversations you have with consumers, members, volunteers, other contributors, etc., and gives them a chance to share in this dialogue.

In short, thanking sponsors and donors on Twitter is like giving them a giant, warm welcome into your organization’s home.

On Facebook 

Put a face to sponsors’ or donors’ names by utilizing Facebook. You can, of course, list the people and companies who contribute to your cause or initiative, but Facebook allows you to get creative by adding photos, videos or customized tabs that showcase sponsors or donors.

Your organization is all about the people who make up the membership or consumer base and each one of those people are unique individuals. The same goes for sponsors or donors. Most of them want to be recognized as unique and caring, not just faceless logos or names.

On Blogs

Blogs are great because they allow many different voices to be heard through one medium. Give your sponsors and donors a chance to write a post or include some of their thoughts and comments into a post. The reason people and organizations give is they are passionate about the cause of an organization. It just makes sense to give contributors a forum to get this passion across to potential members, consumers, volunteers or future contributors. It’s always helpful to give readers a different perspective on what is special about your organization.

These are just a few ways social media can and will help your organization recognize those that are vital to its efforts and encourage more sponsors and donors to work with your organization in the future. When it comes to the Big Thanks, Incline Marketing can help your organization rise to the occasion.

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