Picture This: Facebook and the Power of Photos

Mission statements are great for organizations and can help them focus their resources, priorities and members, but when it comes to explaining your organization’s brand to someone or telling a group of strangers what your association does, it’s easy to get tangled in jargon and mottos.

That’s where photos and Facebook don a cape and swoop in to save the day.

As the saying goes, pictures can say 1000 words, but they can just as easily bulldoze through lengthy lines of text and long explanations to get to the core of what an organization stands for. A photo can show the heart, the ambition and the purpose of an organization in one concise and powerful frame.

And the perfect place for these photos is on Facebook.

Facebook allows non-profits and professional associations an opportunity to post individual photos or whole albums. These photos capture the benefits an organization provides and promotes the organization to the wider community. Here are just a few examples of how:

  • Instead of talking about how a member or the community can benefit from your organization, put a face (or several faces) to the claim. Your words will no longer be abstract what-ifs, but have concrete, human results for potential members and clients.
  • Many associations and non-profits provide networking and education through conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. Putting together an album of these events highlights the opportunities of joining the association or utilizing the non-profit. It also strengthens the bond between those that attended, helps them network and increases excitement for the next event.
  • It is important to publish photos of members or staff being honored for the work they do. It promotes your members, your organization and the work being done by both. It also shows that your organization recognizes the achievements of those it supports. Facebook allows a forum for the honored individual to share their accomplishment with others, which is another service you can offer those considering membership, thinking about volunteering, etc.
  • Lastly, Facebook photos and albums allow an organization to let the work and passion of its members, clients and staff to shine through by capturing powerful moments. Showcasing the work of a proud member or publishing a photo of a determined volunteer could do more to boost interest and morale than other marketing and awareness campaigns.

The above are some of the many ways Facebook and its photo capabilities can be used to promote and grow your organization and its members. Incline Marketing is here to put the face back in Facebook and make sure members, staff, media and the wider community realize the human impact non-profits and professional associations have.

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