Hell or High Water: Twitter, Natural Disasters and Your Members

The weather has not been kind to Canadians lately.

Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on various parts of the country over the past month or two, mostly in the form of destructive rains and devastating floods.

Southern Alberta, Toronto, parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. All have experienced the pains of flooding and face a long road to recovery this summer.

Many industries and their members were affected financially and personally by these disasters. It is in these trying times that social media, especially Twitter, can be helpful to those hardest hit.

Twitter offers organizations a way to relay vital information to its members. Updates on affected areas, evacuations, the safety of drinking water, power outages, emergency services, etc, can be quickly, easily and succinctly passed on to members.

Information about the financial impacts and opportunities, such as government assistance or an organization’s insurance program, is also very important to members whose businesses have been greatly affected by natural disasters. Twitter can pass this on from an organization to its members in a quick and informative way in a time when people are focusing on only the most vital pieces of information.

Being informative is great, but Twitter is first and foremost a gathering place, a space where an organization and its members can join together and support their colleagues. An encouraging tweet, a meaningful conversation about shared experiences or an offer of time or resources from a colleague can help a member through a tough time and many an obstacle. Twitter opens up several avenues to make this possible and the best one is through an organization’s account.

But it isn’t only during the disaster and immediately after that an organization’s Twitter can make a difference with members. Twitter offers a forum for those affected by natural disasters to tell their stories in the days after the devastation and long after the clean-up is finished. Twitter is a great platform to see the way members triumph over hardship and the pride and perseverance they show in their jobs. There is no better way for an organization to inspire and empower its members than to share these stories of dedication and success.

Twitter provides a way to share an organization’s services, programs and goals along with interesting pieces of information and news. However, when members are faced with a bracing test set out by Mother Nature, Twitter can turn into a vital platform for members to access information and support one another and can help an organization rise to the occasion.

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